Importance of HVAC System Maintenance to Help You Save Money

HVAC System Diagram
As a homeowner, looking for ways to save some money is a forever task. One way you may accomplish your saving goal is by keeping up with the necessary maintenance of all the appliances in your property. In this article we will focus on how keeping up with your HVAC system can most definitely help you save money. Maintaining your central HVAC unit and the air purifiers simultaneously may be the best approach cost wise. Using your money wisely is important, investing in preventive maintenance will not disappoint. Understanding your HVAC unit is essential to taking appropriate action when needed. A Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system shares the central blower of your property’s air ducts. Maintaining the ductwork free of dust and spotless clean will keep it from blowing contaminants out into the air.

There are a few aspects of the HVAC system that are of great importance such as air cleaners and filters. Maintaining air cleaners regularly is necessary for their proper functionality and effectiveness as well as to last longer. However, keep in mind that it is not recommended to wash an electronic air cleaner unless aluminum safe soap is used. If you do, it will most likely get damaged and you will have to replace it causing you an unnecessary out of pocket expense. Air filters are another important part of any property’s HVAC system. It is a must to regularly change or replace air filters. Clogged air filters cause serious damage to you unit. It has been proven that cleaning your air filter and keeping it in a good state can save you around 15% on your electric bill. Ultimately, maintaining the air cleaners and filters are important is every way you look at it.

An effective functioning HVAC unit is essential for a comfortable environment for you and your family. Knowing the basic facts regarding your system, its essential components and the responsibility of each of them can potentially avoid unnecessary expenses. However, to make sure your HVAC system is functioning properly one must know and understand it. As a reference, the following are basic components of an HVAC system:

  1. Thermostat
  2. Furnace
  3. Heat Exchanger
  4. Evaporator Coil
  5. Condensing Unit
  6. Refrigerant Lines
  7. Ductwork
  8. Vents

We recommend you research and educate the function of each and every one of these components to have a clear and precise understanding of it.